Celebrity Smoky Eyeshadow Looks

Jose Maria Forque Awards 2015 - Red CarpetSometimes it’s hard to create a smoky eyeshadow look that is strong and sexy, but these celebs always get it right! What you’ll need for these looks is a smoky eyeshadow palette and a professional brush set. Let’s get started!

Almost any professional brush set will do as long as it has a small angled eyeshadow brush or an eyeliner brush that you can use to line your eyes. You’ll especially need one if you’re going to try Penelope Cruz’s smoky eyeshadow look, which depends on the thin, precise application of black eyeliner on the upper and lower lashline. Add tons of mascara, and you’re good to go!

9a9011a1004d687d80ae0eb27674d8daIf you’re more of a Beyoncé fan, then take out your professional brush set and find a large angled eyeshadow brush. Line your upper and lower lashes with black eyeshadow and use gray eyeshadow to soften up your smoky eyeshadow look at the edges of your eyes. Add plenty of mascara, but go heavier on the outer edges of your lashes.

For Keira Knightley’s eyeshadow look, you won’t need yourf104bd36350c0d8633f31c57f7e1bcee professional brush set right away. First, line your eyes with brown eyeliner. Add some gold eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes to get her soft, luminous eyeshadow look. Then, add a touch of brown mascara, and use the spoolie brush from your professional brush set to make your eyebrows full and beautiful.

If this is your first time trying a smoky eyeshadow look, make sure to keep a wet tissue or cotton towel handy so you can clean up any mistakes you make as you go. With a professional brush set and a steady hand, these looks will be easy! And, with enough practice, you too will create eyeshadow looks that are red carpet ready.

Smoky Eyeshadow Looks Inspired by “The Great Gatsby”

Smoky eyeshadow look on Carey Mulligan in "The Great Gatsby"Get your makeup kits out, ladies! It’s time to get vintage.

Whether you’ve seen the movie already or just want to try out a new style that really highlights your eye color, these smoky eyeshadow looks are guaranteed to show off your signature beauty.

Go for soft and sultry with this copper-toned smoky eyeshadow look that’s perfect for hazel eyes. To get the look, apply primer and then use a very light copper shade in your makeup kit as a base for your lid. Then go over the shade with a shimmery cream eyeshadow and line your eyes with a dark brown liner. Create a smoky blur at the corner of your eyes. Finish the look with three coats of mascara or short eyelash extensions.

SHANY Masterpiece 7 Layer Makeup KitIf you have dark brown eyes, they’ll look even better with a purple smoky eyeshadow look. For this look, find a makeup kit with purple and pink shades. Over primer, use a light pink shade as your base color and then smoke up the edges of your lid with light purple shadow. Add more intense purple eyeshadow to the crease of your lid and finish the smokey eyeshadow look with long eyelash extensions.

Smoky Eyeshadow PaletteYou’ll need a makeup kit with golds and coppers for this lustrous smoky eyeshadow look that’s perfect for light blue or green eyes. Start with a base of primer and then apply a light, pearlish eyeshadow color over it. Use a coppery green-gold eyeshadow and smoke up your crease dramatically. If your makeup kit has a glittery gold eyeshadow, go ahead and use it on your entire lid for extra glam. If your makeup kit doesn’t have glittery shades, use some pearl eyeshadow mineral glitter instead. Don’t forget to add long eyelash extensions and mascara.

Our Favorite Spring Smoky Eyeshadow Color: Violet!

49b6cbc5b503c07e160a14371e442c6fWhat’s great about violet is that it looks fabulous on almost anyone and it blends well with many skin tones. Violet makes for a great smoky eyeshadow color for Spring because it can highly pigmented and dramatic, or soft and romantic. It’s also a fun reminder of the flowers that spring up during this season!

Almost any eyeshadow kit has a range of violets. Look for a medium-toned violet with just a touch of shimmer. If you have a smoky eyeshadow kit, take that out, too. You may want a more intense, dramatic look, so select a dark grey or black color from your eyeshadow kit that you can use to contour your amazing new look.

eyeshadow kitBefore you create your smoky eyeshadow look, add primer to your eyelid and blend evenly with your finger. Then add a light pink, white or gold eyeshadow to your entire lid. It’s time to contour! Choose a warm purple from your eyeshadow kit. Add that color a little bit at a time on the outer corner of your eye with a small eyeshadow brush. If you make a mistake, use a wet cotton towel and slightly dab off excess color. To get a more dramatic smoky eyeshadow effect, lightly add on gray or black to the purple in your contour and blend.
eyeshadow kit To soften your look for Spring, find some shimmery cream or gold shadow in your eyeshadow kit and use it to highlight your brown bone and the inner corners of your eye. The best thing about a Spring smoky eyeshadow look is that it doesn’t have to be too deep in color to still look amazing. If you get tired of your eye makeup, remember that you can update it with the bright pinks, greens, and blues in your favorite eyeshadow kit!

SHANY has Spring Fever!

What Will Spring Smoky Eyeshadow Bring?

smokey eyeshadowThis February, we want you to think: Pretty in Pink! As the winter trends melt away, we’re on the hunt for fresh new looks. While we’re looking forward to seeing silver grace the fashion runways, we’re still crazy about a pink smoky eyeshadow look that turns heads. It may be because our Valentine’s Day contest was such a success. Pink is on the mind.

If you have used a SHANY eyeshadow palette to create a look similar to the one below, we want to hear about it! Please send us a message on Facebook with your SHANY-inspired smoky eyeshadow look!

smokey eyeshadow
In addition to pink, we also have our eye on those who are rocking emerald green, rumored to have been the hot color of the spring season late last year. The way we see it: brown eyes + green smoky eyeshadow = a match made in heaven. To create the look below, we suggest choosing the base color from SHANY’s own Ultimate Fusion Eyeshadow Palette.
eyeshadow palette
The Ultimate Fusion Eyeshadow Palette includes vibrant shades and subtle hues. 120 of them in fact! Add a little more shimmer and elegance to your smoky eyeshadow creation with our Metallic Collection Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette.
If you have a SHANY eyeshadow palette you’d like to nominate for the “Best Spring Palette,” let us know!

120 eyeshadow palette

Smoky Eyeshadow Looks For Spring

smokey eyeshadowEvery Spring, makeup artists and aficionados look for new ways to wear soft pastels. This year, geometric eyeliner and smoky eyeshadow are still in, but they’re much more subtle than they were in the winter. To get the Spring eyeshadow look, search your affordable makeup stash for your newest, prettiest smoky eyeshadow colors: peach, turquoise, lavender, white, gold, cream, and more!

If you can’t find an affordable makeup palette that has light colors as well as traditional smoky eyeshadow colors like black and brown, apply eyeliner and gently affordable makeupsmudge it out until it works just like eyeshadow. After all, one of our favorite, most fabulous affordable makeup tips is to use what you have when you have it! If you rush out to buy a smoky eyeshadow palette, you may be dissatisfied with the quality of your makeup and your look might not turn out how you want it. Remember that you are the artist! Wait to buy high-quality, affordable makeup that you can use to create an amazing smoky eyeshadow look that’s all your own.

eyeshadow paletteNow, if you’re trying to figure out how to create your affordable makeup look for the Spring, remember to search the internet for inspiration from the runway and your favorite celebrities. Chances are that if you admire a certain person’s makeup, you can find a way to personalize that look for yourself, based on the shape and color of your eyes. To make your affordable makeup look suitable for Spring, go light on the eyeliner, but make sure that it’s still smudged and visible. Most importantly, smudge your pastel, cream, or metallic eyeshadow all around your eyelid, as if your eyelids are flowers in bloom!

How To Apply Cut Crease Eyeshadow

If you’re looking for a newer, hotter, bolder eyeshadow look, and you’re tired of the average smoky eye, try what’s called a “cut crease.”  smokey eyeshadowYou may have seen this look many times before, but maybe you weren’t sure what to call it!  The “cut crease” is when you line your crease with dark shadow to dramatize your eye makeup.

There are many variations of the “cut crease” look, and it’s been around for years.  It was especially popular during the ‘60s and ‘70s, when women wanted to look edgier than they ever had before.  Pick this look on a day when you’re daring to get noticed!

Here are our best tips for making the “cut crease” oh-so-wearable:

1. Whenever you’re going bold with your eye makeup, tone everything else down.  Wear nude lipstick with a hint of gloss, and make sure you’re wearing a dress or a blouse in a neutral color like cream, nude, beige, brown, or black.  You could also try wearing soft pastels like pink, blue or yellow.  Just make sure they don’t conflict with your eye color scheme!

eyeshadow palette2. A simple color scheme is always your best bet, even when you’re going for a dramatic look.  Use a small eyeshadow palette or a smoky eyeshadow palette to look for colors that will blend well.  Choose one to three basic colors.  For best results, choose shades that already go well with your eye color.

While you can always opt for using bright colors, remember that they won’t look right without a dark shade that will draw attention to your lid.  If you’d like to add a dramatic crease to the side of your eye, hold a piece of damp tissue paper over the side of your eye and apply your smoky eyeshadow over it.  Then apply thick eyeliner in pretty patterns!smokey eyeshadow palette

3. If you want to look just like you stepped off the runway or the red carpet, make sure your shadow and liner is as precise as possible.  You can use makeup remover on a cotton swab to clean up the edges of your shadow.  Remember:  always tone down your makeup when you’re going for runway style!  Pick just only a few colors from your favorite eyeshadow palette.  The point is to look elegant, edgy, and ready for anything.

smokey eyeshadow palette 2

smokey eyeshadow 2

Flawless Lashes

Hey SHANY Fans,
eyeshadow palettes
When was the last time you re-created your signature smoky eyeshadow look? Did you feel like something was missing?
Maybe it was a pair of dramatic eyelashes set under thick, black liner! Get ready, because this week, we’re all about the lashes. We’ll tell you how to apply your lashes so they stay on all day and how to set your lash look with the help of your favorite eyeshadow palettes and makeup kits!
1. First, coat your natural lashes with mascara, and your mascara will act as a glue for your eyelash extensions. Curl your eyelashes just a tad with an eye curler to give them shape, but be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll have trouble putting your lashes on.

makeup kit2. Snip the edges off the ends of your eyelash extensions. Most eyelash extensions are a little larger in size so they will fit on anyone’s lash line. Make sure to place the side of the eyelash extension with shorter lashes at the front end of your eye, so your lashes will look natural.

3. Take the eyelash glue that comes with your eyelash extensions and line the edge of your eye very carefully. Use only the tiniest bit of glue. You don’t want the thickness of the glue to show up after you’re done!

4. Wait for the glue to dry about halfway (a few seconds will do), before putting on your lashes. With your index finger and your thumb, press your eyelash extensions over your natural lashes. Keep pressing them gently into each other until they hold.

5. After everything’s dry, go ahead and pair your new lashes with one of your best eyeshadow looks. Take out an eyeshadow kit, choose your colors, and layer and blend. Add thick black liner your lash line. Then take a professional makeup brush, preferably a small or a medium shadow brush, and blend your liner with your eyeshadow. Just look at those beautiful, dramatic lashes!

professional makeup brushes