Fall Makeup Trends

geometric eyes

We’re sure you’ve noticed that this Fall, there are three makeup trends. One is always around—the understated, natural look. The second takes its inspiration from period dramas like “Anna Karenina”, “Downton Abbey”, and “The Great Gatsby.” The rustic winter princess look is everywhere, and we love its matte jewel tones, perfect for work and play. But the last, the geometric eye, isn’t exactly appropriate for work, and is almost too daring for play! Still, we love the thought of wearing a little mask when we go out—isn’t that why playing with makeup is so fun?

geometric eye 2

This season, the geometric eye is everywhere, from Armani to Lanvin to Anna Sui, and we can see hints of it all over Pinterest, with women adding a little extra oomph to the tamed cat eye we’ve seen the past few years. The question you may be asking is: How do I go geometric without looking like a Cirque du Soleil performer?

Here are some quick tips:

1. Pick your outfit first. Go with neutrals and simple lines. Try: a nude blouse with a black pencil skirt.

2. Apply foundation and lipstick evenly, keeping your skin tone, again, neutral. This is so your geometric artistry can be the star of the show.

3. Choose an eyeliner that is either black, navy, cobalt, deep violet or emerald. A light brown or a pink won’t give you enough definition. You will need to use a professional makeup brush for the application.

4. Experiment with a few designs on a sheet of paper. Decide on your favorite and go for it! You can try something simple first. Draw a normal, thin cat eye then change it up by drawing another line on your crease line. Add a few cute dots if you like! You can also try a two-toned line that will draw attention to your eye color.

5. Happy experimenting! Put all of your makeup into cute makeup cases so you can always remember you have so many options!

geometric eye 4